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    Do you know formulas for Proper Financial Planning?

    For proper financial planning you must know all these formulas . 1. Compound Interest Formula: A = P * (1+r/t) ^ (nt) Where A = amount after time t P = principal amount (your initial investment) r = annual interest rate (divide the number by 100) t = number of years n = number of times the...
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    India is no more poor country.Indians now afford premium lifestyle Read Full Story

    Automobile slowdown ????Or end of ordinary cars??? 🚘Mg Hector 21000 bookings in first week of launch this suv costs around 20 lakhs for mid range variants.waiting period 6 months 🚘Kia seltos 32000 bookings in first month this suv costs around 16 lakh for mid range variants.waiting period 5...
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    Measures to Boost Economic Growth - Ministry of Finance, Government of India

    Measures to Boost Economic Growth - Ministry of Finance, Government of India 14th September 2019 Contained Consumer Price Inflation Industrial Production: Signs of Revival Revival of Fixed Investment Improving Fiscal Deficit & Contained CAD Robust FDI inflows and High Foreign Exchange Reserves...
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    Multi-asset approach tends to deliver smoother returns

    Multi-asset approach tends to deliver smoother returns than what is achieved by investing in just a single asset class. Here is complete stats from lat 17 years. Equity Returns : 14.9% Gold : 11.9% Debt : 7.1% Liquid : 6.9%
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    Paper Companies return in 1 Month after Plastic Ban

    Paper Companies return in 1 Month after Plastic Ban Balkrishna Ind 61% Malu Paper 48% Star Paper 41% Ruchira Paper 41% Rama Newsprint 38% Orient Paper 27% Astron Paper 21% Jk paper 34%
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    These 24 Stocks quietly scaled life time highs during last 3 Months

    As we talk about gloom and doom in stock market quietly there are shares which have scaled life time highs. The new leaders of the market are FMCG,Insurance,Software,MNC Pharma,Amc,NBFC stocks. 1. Abbott went up from 7000 to 9900 2. Merck went up from 3000 to 5000 3. Sanofi went up from 5000...
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    Goldbees - last 13 years historical analysis of Gold price

    Goldbees - Here's the last 13 years historical analysis of Gold price. X axis represents whats the average returns made in the respective months for last 13 years, and Y axis represents total sum of returns for each month, the highest returns from Gold has come from Jan and Aug. Data shows that...
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    The Myth of Option Weekend Decay

    During recent conversion with one of my friend motivates me to write down this thread.He has mentioned weekend decay and put more weighted on that. He was excited on explaining theta decay and impact on option value and specifically weekend decay. Almost all options geeks workshop and seminar...
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    What is a difference between Trading and Investing ?

    Fundamental Difference is : The main goal of a trader is to earn profit from a hike in price whereas the goal of an investor is to generate wealth for future. A trading is short-term whereas an investing is meant for a long-term horizon. A trading involves a considerable knowledge about the...
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    Trading with Harmonic Patterns

    Technical Analysis : Trading with Harmonic Patterns. Harmonic Pattern is old methodology but compiled details are good. Credit : Tweet from Payal Sharma and looks like attachment is from MarketCalls website. Harmonic Patterns defines critical turning points in the markets. Harmonic patterns...
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    Must Follow Indian Traders on Twitter

    Here is the list of Must Follow Indian Traders on Twitter. Subscribe our List on Twitter Follow @funda_trading
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    What next in Indian Stock Market ? Are we heading towards Crash ?

    First Question is How can we evaluate that Market is going to Crash or Boom ? We have only option that we compare current situation with past big crashes. When we think about comparison first indicator we think about is P/E. Past History proved that whenever we have higher P/E we have witnessed...
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    Income Tax Return Filing Stats 2019

    Income Tax Return Filing Stats 2019 Total Returns recd till 31st Aug'19 : 5.65 Cr (compared to 5.42 Cr last Fin Yr.) Total filing received on 31/8/19 : 49,29,121 Nearly 50 L Returns filed- Highest till date. Zero issues reported and smooth functioning throughout the peak period Highest...
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    Top Twitter Handles that Every Indian Trader must follow

    Every Investors and traders need regular updates on markets.We cant depend solely on Technical. We have created a list of twitter handlers which can help you for better decision making. Follow @funda_trading and subscribe our List The twitter list mentioned above...
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    Amazon's next list of Industry disruptions

    Amazon’s disruptive bravado has made “getting Amazoned” a fear for executives in any sector the tech giant sets its sights on. Here are the industries that could be under threat next. Amazon’s e-commerce dominance paved a path of destruction through books, music, toys, sports, and a range of...
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    SME IPO : Salasar Exteriors and Contour Ltd IPO (Salasar Exteriors IPO) Detail

    Salasar Exteriors And Contour IPO comprises Public Issue of 23,60,000 equity shares of face value Rs.10 each, for cash at a price of 36 per Equity Share (the “Issue Price”), including a share premium of Rs. 26 per equity share aggregating up to Rs. 849.60 Lakhs. Salasar Exteriors And Contour...
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    Trading Strategy Seminar Link : Expert Nifty

    Trading Strategy Seminar Link: ------------------------------------------------- Xpert DOJI Trading Strategy: Xpert DOJI Trading Strategy 2: APST Trading Strategy: Mastering Intraday Patterns V & A: Bollinger Band Trading Strategy: Volume (Your Engine) Trading Strategy...
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    Info graphic : Interest Rates across World

    Very good info graphic explains Interest Rates across World
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    Comparison between ETF and Mutual Fund

    Advantages of ETF index funds over mutual funds index funds: Lower Management Fees.It means lower expense ratio compare to well known Mutual Fund. No Penalties on Selling and Buying for any time duration. Low or No Commission and with Discount Broker most of them are providing Free Brokerage...
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    MoneyControl Pro at 1 Rs for one year

    Offer was for limited users. Now Promo code is not working.