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    Nifty 30APR2020 Expiry Option Chain Data

    Attached Nifty Option Chain Data for 30th Apr 2020. Option Chain refresh at every 10 minutes. Historical Option Chain data from 13th April to 22 April. Join Telegram Channel to get regular updates.
  2. TradingFunda

    What next in Indian Stock Market ? Are we heading towards Crash ?

    First Question is How can we evaluate that Market is going to Crash or Boom ? We have only option that we compare current situation with past big crashes. When we think about comparison first indicator we think about is P/E. Past History proved that whenever we have higher P/E we have witnessed...
  3. TradingFunda

    Nifty on 15th July 2019

    Nifty 30 DMA at 11800 Nifty 50 DMA at 11700 Nifty 100 DMA at 11520 Nifty 150 DMA at 11285 Nifty 200 DMA at 11113 RSI(14) is 42 CURRENT P/E 28.33 CMP 11553 What do you think Where Nifty will go ?
  4. TradingFunda

    Do you know during which time Nifty Falls more ?

    Nifty Range by Time during 17 June 2019 to 5 July 2019 Nifty major downside between 10.15 to 1.30 PM. Here is complete Statistical information.