Amazon's next list of Industry disruptions


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Amazon’s disruptive bravado has made “getting Amazoned” a fear for executives in any sector the tech giant sets its sights on. Here are the industries that could be under threat next.

Amazon’s e-commerce dominance paved a path of destruction through books, music, toys, sports, and a range of other retail verticals.

Big box stores like Toys R’ Us, Sports Authority, and Barnes & Noble — some of which had thrived for more than a century — couldn’t compete with Amazon’s ability to combine uncommonly fast shipping with low prices.

The 4 industries where Amazon’s disruptive intentions are clearest today
- pharmacies
- small business lending
- groceries
- payments

The 3 industries where Amazon’s efforts are more nascent
- mortgages,
- home & garden
- insurance

Above three industries speculative for now, but with Amazon’s scale and advantages, they could soon be a reality.

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