Inspired by motivational mentor : Co relation his words with market


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Inspired by motivational mentor

Co-relating his words with our field market.

There is only 3 ways in life which can lead you anywhere at end
And only you. Being creator of your destiny can choose your path

1- the first path which leads to guranteed failure. That is fear

Fear of getting stop losses, fear of losing money, this way 99% leads to failure as majorly people don't take decisions and don't do actions thinking that it might leads to Loss...

Many of us are walking on this path.

Fear which simply means false evidence appearing real
You won't get anything on this path.. Because you have not taken actions..

Zindagi kaat sakte ho... Jee nahi paoge


Now the 3rd path.

Which is of greed.
Focus on earning,

Which simply means get rich quickly.. Like invest the money, get money doubled and enjoy the short term success..

Sikhna na pade.. Kahi se bhi.. Kya boring kaam bta rahe ho

. I have to learn?? Are you crazy it's ganna take time.. I don't have so much patince.. I just want my money double

Always remember, if your end goal is money, you have already lost before you started


And in between the above two mentioned, there is one way which leads to guranteed success

The path of learning

The path which gives your immense knowledge
The path which increases your network
The path where you get to know lots of new things

The path which gives you earning with confidence
The path which gives you power to handle losses
The path which teach how to calm down in negative situation

Milega bhai...itna milega jitna ap soch bhi nahi sakte.. Apne field k pkke khiladi to bano..