Top 5 Telegram Channels related to Indian Stock Market May 2020


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Guys There are so many novice Traders who are searching for Telegram channels.

As per my knowledge Here is the Top 5 Telegram Channels for Indian Stock Market based on Subscribers.

Please note this is as per my knowledge and I have equal right to be wrong.If you have idea about channels which is not included here and has more subscribers then please reply to this thread.

1. Banknifty Nifty Stock Option : 5,50,000+ Subscribers

2. StoxMaster ® (SEBI Registered) : 3,50,000+ Subscribers

3. Stock Phoenix - - 4,24,000+ Subscribers

4 Minish Patel - - 2,49,397 Subscribers

5 Money Create Money : 98,000 Subscribers
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