Top 5 Telegram Channels related to Indian Stock Market


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Guys There are so many novice Traders who are searching for Telegram channels.

As per my knowledge Here is the Top 5 Telegram Channels for Indian Stock Market based on Subscribers.

Please note this is as per my knowledge and I have equal right to be wrong.If you have idea about channels which is not included here and has more subscribers then please reply to this thread.

1. Minish Patel - - 2,49,397 Subscribers

2. Stock Phoenix - - 1,75,952 Subscribers

3. Wolf Calls : - 65,981 Members

4. Money creates Money - - 53,044 Subscribers

5. Akash Trading Institute - - 33,575 Subscribers

6. DK Technical Analysis by Dhananjay Kadam - 31,533 Subscribers

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