Top 7 reasons to buy HDFC bank at any level


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Top 7 Reason to buy HDFC bank at any level

1) It has most rural presence in private bank. Overall SBI having most rural presence. But SBI is involved in NPA, Defaulter list in malya etc. There are no such thing in HDFC BANK.
2) What is business model? It doesn’t promote mutual fund, Fixed Deposits in rural but keeps those money in current account or saving account. It doesn’t take a pain to financially literate financially illiterate because that will give less revenue to bank
3) It takes money at 0 to 3.5% from rural and provides cheapest home loan rate @ around 8.5% in urban against competitors who give around 0.75% more than hdfc bank. Still hdfcbank gains a margin of 5.5% to 8% while competitors earn 1 to 2% as they provide loan against money received against fd
4) It doesn't come in news
5) It doesn’t fall more than 25%
6) Regarding pe ratio, debt free company etc. Mutual fund is doing analysis. And mostly all funds have highest exposure hdfcbank. So it is fundamentally good
7) Regarding performance refer below stats.


This Investment Idea is contributed by Karan Luhana - Ahmedabad.